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Sherry & Max Szemplenski offer Seminars, Entertainment, Period Dress, Music, and Videos.

    Civil War Topics

  • Major Battles of Civil War
  • Naval Warfare
  • Importance of Railroads

    Railroading Topics

  • History of Railroads in the U.S.
  • History of Passenger Train
  • History of the Railroad Caboose

See history brought to life.
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“Max’s R.R. Show” is now online at YouTube and free for all to see. Click here to see it. Also, from the Batavia Daily News, click here.

"Mike “Max” Szemplenski of Attica has added his long-running “Max’s R.R. Show” series to Youtube. He’s seen posing alongside a vintage diesel locomotive in Gowanda, Cattaraugus County." (Photo courtesy of Max Szemplenski)

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First E-Book -- (Memoirs) " Green on the High Iron"
This story takes the reader on a journey where Max came Face to Face which what he calls "Pure Evil". The first time was at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center for the Criminally Insane, then onto his experience working at the infamous prison - "Attica", where his 2nd encounter happened. Finally it was onto Wende Correctional Facility, where the 3rd and last Face of Evil came across his path!!! See a review here .

Second E-Book -- "The Eye of the Princess"
This is the debute story of a Detective Series that follows the adventures of Blossom & Becky Jacobs, a mother / daughter pair of sleuths who decide to open a Female Detective Agency in an otherwise male dominated chauvinist small village (Maxville, N.Y.) located near Attica, N.Y. in Western N.Y. There first "BiG" case has them them getting involved in a series of break-ins that took place at various homes & businesses in their small hometown. These break-ins leave the local (male dominated) authorities completely baffled. Blossom & Becky follow a set of clues which take them back over 50 years ago to a train robbery where a "Special Diamond" has been stolen. Thru persistence determination and brilliant detective work, they are able to come up with incredible results!!!

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